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Mr. Oliver is a widely acclaimed TEDx Speaker, Global leader on autistic individuals caught up in the justice system, and aspiring lawyer, who has dedicated his career to helping the vulnerable, the incarcerated, the over-looked, and the autistic community.

Tom Oliver is a TEDx Speaker & Global leader on autistic individuals caught up in the justice system. He liaised with global leading researchers and lawyers (Harvard-educated) ahead of the TEDx talk. Upon delivery, he received a standing ovation. 

At 20-years-of-age, Mr. Oliver is the youngest appointed Chairman in history at Spectrum Space, one of the largest autism service providers in Western Australia. Under his leadership, Spectrum Space assists autistic people across Western Australia find employment, through educational initiatives for both employers and autistic candidates. Furthermore, Spectrum Space provides social groups for autistic members to boost their confidence/social skills. Mr. Oliver, also leads the housing project, run through Enabling Spaces CEO, Shelly Dival, which assists autistic tenants across WA make adjustments to their homes in rental arrangements, to cope with sensory difficulties.

Mr. Oliver further works as a Law Lecturer at Curtin University, delivering guest lectures on autistic individuals caught up in the justice system.

Tom also has a wealth of law clerkship experience, including at: Squire Patton Boggs; the City of Fremantle; Savannah Legal, and Albert Wolff Chambers.

Tom recently worked on a case at Savannah Legal assisting CEO, Louis Kristopher, to save an autistic client facing 15 years of imprisonment, and instead obtaining a non-custodial sentence with suitable therapy.

He is expected to graduate with LLB and BBioMedSc from The University of Notre Dame Australia, in 2023. He plans to graduate with First Class Honours in Law, in 2023. Subsequently, he plans to be admitted into the LLM at Harvard Law School, in 2024.

In his spare time, Mr. Oliver mentors fellow autistic youths across Western Australia. He also speaks at global events/seminars/webinars, advocating for autistic individuals caught up in our justice system, through: TED; CoderDojo; The Business of Autism; Visa; Asda; Tesco; Hogan Lovells; Rolls-Royce; radio stations; trustmeimalawyer podcast; and the Western Australian Association of Teacher Assistants Inc. (WAATA).