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8 August 2021: Mr. Oliver was on the ‘Trust Me I’m A Lawyer’ Podcast with Spencer Aronfeld, Esq and Nory Aronfeld.
8 July 2021: Mr. Oliver was interviewed by Shilpa Smith, from Engaging Education, to discuss the injustices which plague the global autistic as they pertain to our justice system.
22 April 2021: Mr. Oliver spoke at a global webinar, with hundreds of executives tuning in live worldwide, discussing the indisputable benefits of hiring autistic people, with merely 20% of autistic people currently employed. He further discussed his soon-to-be released TED talk on autistic individuals caught up in the justice system. He was fortunate to present alongside a panelist of insightful speakers in Paul Austin – Senior Manager at IBM (US), Lucy Barratt-Smith – Project Manager (UK), and Lee Corless – Vice President at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (UK).
6 May 2021: Mr. Oliver spoke on the radio on 89.7fm with Lisa Evans and Louise Kelly, to discuss: autistic individuals caught up in the justice system; autism generally; his soon-to-be released TED talk – and the opportunities arising therefrom; public speaking; and a subset of his invaluable mentors – specifically, Lee Oliver, Anton Eaton, Danny Taylor-Smith and Michelle Wong.